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O'Reilly Network -- What Is Asterisk
By Brian McConnell
Brian McConnell explains how Asterisk works and where to get it, and provides an overview of its feature set and platform capabilities.
[September 30, 2005]

O'Reilly Network -- Building Your Own Teleconference System with Asterisk and Gizmo
By Brian McConnell
Learn how to set up an inexpensive teleconferencing system using Asterisk and Gizmo.
[May 02, 2006] -- Hacking Asterisk and Rails with RAGI
By Joe Heitzeberg
RAGI combines Asterisk's VoIP handling capabilities with the power and efficiency of Ruby on Rails. Joe Heitzeberg will lead a tutorial using his bindings for Asterisk with the Ruby on Rails framework at the Emerging Telephony conference.
[December 19, 2005]

O'Reilly Network -- Building the iotum Asterisk Module
By Todd Jefferson
Asterisk's rich set of features and extensibility make it easy to create a module that incorporates the functionality of the iotum relevance engine. Todd Jefferson gets under the hood and explains the inner workings of the iotum Asterisk module.
[June 09, 2006] -- Asterisk: A Bare-Bones VoIP Example
By John Todd
Asterisk is both an open source toolkit for telephony applications and a full-featured PBX application. Learn how to configure a simple telephone system with Asterisk in this tutorial.
[July 03, 2003]

O'Reilly Network -- Out-Of-Office Processing with Asterisk
By Matthew Gast
Matthew Gast explains how he set up his home Asterisk system to handle his out-of-office call processing needs. This detailed article includes the code Matthew used to allow and validate user input of the time and date for when out-of-office processing...
[September 19, 2006]

O'Reilly Network -- Sophisticated Asterisk Development with Adhearsion
By Jay Phillips
Adhearsion is an open source framework written in Ruby that was developed to improve complex Asterisk development. Jay Phillips is the creator of Adhearsion and he explains how to get up and running with Adhearsion, providing working examples and a detailed...
[June 19, 2007] -- VoIP and POTS Integration with Asterisk
By John Todd
Learn how to configure an Asterisk system so that it can receive calls from other SIP clients and interoperate with both analog and VoIP telephony services.
[January 22, 2004]

O'Reilly Network -- An Interview with the Creator of FreeSWITCH
By Bruce Stewart
We talk with Anthony Minessale--the developer behind the FreeSWITCH open source telephony project--about the status of FreeSWITCH, how it compares to Asterisk, and Minessale's future plans.
[July 25, 2006] -- The PBX Is Dead; Long Live VoIP
By Brian McConnell
Brian McConnell delves into Asterisk, a Linux-based open source softswitch, and why it heralds the end of PBX.
[June 23, 2005]

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